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Tesla Daily - Sep 22. Tesla News

by Qihang Ma 22 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Tesla expects to reach 1.3 million deliveries in 2022

Tesla’s annual delivery numbers have been on an upward trajectory for years now, but investment firm Wedbush believes in 2021 and 2022 delivery figures will truly explode. In a new report Analyst Dan Ives from Wedbush Securities said that he now expects Tesla to deliver 900,000 vehicles this year and grow to 1.3 million vehicles in 2022.

Though the issues in the supply chain have become a major cause of concern for many automakers leading to a dip in production, Tesla has managed to stay afloat.

The analyst wrote in the note:
In a nutshell, competition is increasing from all angles in this EV arms race which has been an overhang over Tesla and the overall sector, however this is just the start of an EV transformation that will change the auto industry for the coming decades with Tesla leading the charge. With EVs representing 3% of overall autos globally and poised to hit 10% by 2025 there will be much more competition in a massively increasing share of the global auto market.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk rules out Gigafactory in Russia for now

Earlier in May, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had hinted that the US-based electric vehicle manufacturer considering Russia as one of the possible locations for its second Gigafactory and opening business in other neighbouring countries like Kazakhstan and the CIS countries. Recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to clear any doubts about it when he replied to one of the users seeking his reply on Tesla's Gigafactory plan for Russia.

Musk replied, “Tesla has not yet decided on a fourth Gigafactory location," putting an end to any further speculations.

Tesla is currently working to set up its first Gigafactory in Europe, which is located in Germany. The facility, located near Berlin, is expected to be up and running in the next few weeks. Musk had also hinted that the company aims to set up its second facility in Asia after China.

Tesla breaks ground on new ‘Megafactory’ to produce Megapack batteries

Tesla announced that it has broken ground on a new facility called ‘Megafactory’ in Lathrop, California.It will be used to produce Megapacks, Tesla’s biggest batteries for stationary energy storage. It was Tesla’s third stationary energy storage product after the Powerwall and Powerpack.

Sonny Dhaliwal, Mayor of Lathrop, made the announcement of the new “Tesla Megafactory” on Facebook:“We are proud to be the home of the Megafactory, Tesla’s most recent expansion here. The future of green energy will be produced right here in our community. This development means more prosperity for our city, more employment opportunities for our residents, and a brighter future for our planet.”

Tesla Autopilot now recognizes emergency vehicles at night

Tesla says that it has updated its Autopilot software to slow down when it detects the lights of emergency vehicles at night. This has been one of the things Tesla Autopilot has been in the negative news for a long time and now Tesla is fighting back by providing an update to solve this very problem.

In an update to its Model 3 and Model Y owners manual coming with the 2021.24.12 software update, Tesla added new language about the capability (first spotted by@Analytic_eth on Twitter): 

If Model3/ModelY detects lights from an emergency vehicle when using Autosteer at night on a high speed road, the driving speed is automatically reduced and the touchscreen displays a message informing you of the slowdown. You will also hear a chime and see a reminder to keep your hands on the steering wheel. When the light detections pass by or cease to appear, Autopilot resumes your cruising speed. Alternatively, you may tap the accelerator to resume your cruising speed.”

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