• Q: How can I hide the footwell wires that run to the center console?
    A: Hello. The front footlights wires can be perfectly inserted into the gap on the side of the center console.

  • Q: How to pair the lights to the app?
    A: Free download the app called “LED LAMP” from QR code on user manual, our product or apple store/google play, supports IOS/Android. Open this app, open your bluetooth and press on the second top left button to search the lights. Smart to control everything by your smartphone.

  • Q: Hi, if I wanted to get the whole set but just want to use the console lighting, will it still work?
    A: Yes, it will still work. You can just wire the console light pipes to the LED heads.

  • Q: How are the lights powered?
    A: Hi Saudy, they are powered by the vehicle cigarette lighter. Thanks!

  • Q: The product only come with 4 foot light, is that enough for center console and dashboard?
    A: The product you bought contains strip lights (23 ft) and 4 foot lights for model 3/Y 2021. The strip lights are used for dashboard, center console and the back of front seats. 4 foot lights are supposed to install on the bottom of dashboard and front seats.

  • Q: How to install at seat back?
    A: Please insert the strip lights into the gap of the seat back. We have installation guide in the product. There is also installation video uploaded on YOUTUBE.
  • Q: Is there an video installation for 2021?
    A: Hello, we offer installation video on Nestour Lab Youtube. Here is the link:



  • Q: Does it affect the closing and opening of center console lid?
    A: It does not! I was worried about that too but it opens and closes with no problems. I highly recommend it!

  • Q: Is it necessary to have it for center console?
    A: It really adds storage space and makes my center console tidier than before. Tesla model 3 owners can't miss it.

  • Q: Will it get stuck when you push and pull the organizer tray?
    A: Not a bit, it slides smoothly.

  • Q: How is the quality?
    A: Looks and touches excellent quality. You won’t regret buying this.



  • Q: Does it smudge or leave fingerprints ???
    A: Hi, please don't worry, it will not smudge or leave fingerprints and it could cover the original factory glossy black which had smudged or left fingerprints. Wish you like it!

  • Q: Has anyone seen what the tape does to the original console surface?
    A: No. It won't leave any trace when removed.

  • Q: Will this fit my 2021 model 3 remodel? How to install?
    A: Yes. The process from tearing off the 3M tape to perfectly cover the wrap can be completed less than 1 minute.



  • Q: Does this product block UV rays?
    A: The car mesh sunshade is made of breathable polyester material. The Skylight Reflective Covers and mesh shades can prevent sunlight from entering the car directly, block up to 99% of damaging UV rays and achieve the effect of heat insulation.

  • Q: How to fold this? Is there an instuction for it?
    This sunroof shades are fixed by sunshade clips, easy to install and disassemble. When removed, it can be folded into the storage bag we provide to save space. Comes with instructions, and there is an installation video on youyebe to watch.

  • Q: It's come with small rear window?
    A: If your question is whether the rear shade obscures the rear view: the answer is no. Unlike Tesla's own version, this rear shade covers only part of the rear glass roof, allowing you to see behind the car.

  • Q: I have the top roof shade, can I buy a rear shade only?
    No, it's a set in this packet.