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Tesla Daily-May.5 Tesla News

by MaQihang 05 May 2022 0 Comments
  • Recently Tesla has updated the Model S and Model X with a new motorized swivel function for the center screen. According to Electrek, the feature enables a better viewing experience in the car. Tesla’s two flagship vehicles got a new large horizontal center display that is better suited for watching videos and a new backseat display powered by a gaming computer. Tesla owners who recently took deliveries of their vehicles, such as Larry Li, shared a video of his Model S activating its swiveling center display function. Li’s video even showed how the feature was controlled through the vehicle’s UI. While the car in Li’s video had an aftermarket automatic frunk, the Tesla owner noted in a later tweet that the swiveling screen was OEM.

It's reported that on INSIDEEVs the new feature is motorized, and it can adjust the screen to face the driver or the passenger. Perhaps if the screen is completely facing the passenger, the person would be able to watch videos or play games while the car is in motion, since the driver wouldn't be able to see the screen or interact with it.However, we still have questions about whether or not a Tesla driver would be okay with not having access to the screen. It seems it would become less of an issue in the future as the brand's Full Self-Driving Beta technology improves, but we'll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

  • According to relevant report, Tesla has picked a location to build its second production line in Shanghai near its existing Gigafactory 3, which would consolidate the production base’s role as its “largest export hub” globally, according to a letter the electric carmaker wrote to local authorities and seen by the Post.
The carmaker said the new assembly line will have an annual capacity of 450,000 units and will make Model 3 and Model Y vehicles when the first phase of construction is completed.
The assembly line will be a part of Gigafactory 3, also known as Giga Shanghai, which started producing Model 3s at the end of 2019, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter. By adding a new assembly line, Tesla’s ultimate goal is to boost production capacity in Shanghai to 2 million units a year,” said Chen Jinzhu, CEO of Shanghai Mingliang Auto Service, a consultancy. “It is just a matter of time before Elon Musk’s company achieves that goal.”

  • Tesla (TSLA) has finally revealed the date for this year’s Annual Shareholder Meeting — it will be held on Thursday 4th August 2022. This is the event where the automaker is going to ask for shareholders’ vote for the next stock split.
 Tesla had announced back in March that a stock split will be conducted this year if the shareholders of the company approve of it at the Annual Meeting. At this time, the Houston, Texas-based electric automaker did not finalize a date for this meeting but now it has been revealed publicly. After a few days of a downward trend, TSLA stock price has started to gain momentum towards the end of market close on Monday yesterday. This momentum has even kept on moving upwards today as well. The most optimistic view of stock splits is they signal something positive about management’s expectations for a business. A less optimistic view is that value doesn’t change and that a split isn’t a significant event.

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