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Tesla Daily-Apr.13 Tesla News

by MaQihang 13 Apr 2022 0 Comments
  • A couple of days ago, Tesla organized an event call cyber rodeo at its new giga Texas plant, they showed the latest version of the Cybertruck, which featured some changes and improvements. The Tesla Cybertruck will be built at the new facility in Texas. Unveiled in 2019 in concept form, it was originally supposed to start rolling off the assembly line in late 2021, but then it was pushed to late 2022 and the most recent postponement sees it pushed to early next year. Elon Musk also confirmed production and deliveries in 2023. It’s reported that the most immediate goal of the Giga Texas plant, however, is Model Y production with the 4680 cells. Along with the Model 3, the automaker's two newer vehicles now collectively make up 97% of Tesla's output, accounting for 911,208 out of 936,172 vehicles delivered in 2021. This level of demand for the two smaller vehicles made them a priority for Giga Texas as Tesla works to increase capacity around the globe.

  • Tesla launched Model Y Standard Range AWD starting at $60,000 and with a few upgrades, but it’s only making it available to employees for now. At Cyber ​​Rodeo event, Tesla delivered its first Texas-made Model Y cars. Oddly enough, Tesla did not reveal any details, such as specifications and pricing, about the new version of the electric SUV. As far as we know, it is equipped with the new 4680 battery cells and structural battery pack technology, resulting in a dramatically different car with different specifications in the new Model Y. Electric She confirmed with Tesla employees that the automaker informed them on April 9 that it is selling the new Model Y internally for now and will go on sale to regular customers in the coming weeks. The insider revealed that the acceleration of 0-60 mph is in five seconds, which is slightly slower than the Model Y Long Range at 4.8 seconds. Apart from changes to the powertrain, the new Texas-built Model Y also has a few new features, including a magnetic center console, armrest and integral rack.


  • Tesla Model Y continues to amaze with sales results. As CEO Elon Musk predicted, the compact SUV is on its way to becoming the best-selling car in the world. Model Y was the top seller in the EV segment in various countries around the world, and in some countries, it became the best-selling car, regardless of propulsion type. Tesla Model Y confidently occupies a leading position in the automotive market.Tesla Model Y Became China’s Best-Selling SUV in March & Q1 2022, once again confirming the local population’s love for the compact SUV. Despite the fact that Giga Shanghai did not operate at full capacity, the company was able to meet demand at the highest level. Although Chinese SUVs are much more affordable, it is clear that the Chinese prefer to buy first of all a quality product, even if it will cost them much more. Tesla Model Y Became Austria's Best-Selling Car in March, According to Statistic  Austria/Twitter, Tesla Model Y became the best-selling car in Austria in March 2022, outselling its petrol competitors. Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car in the UK last month, followed closely by its Tesla Model 3 sibling, amid a backdrop of declining registrations caused by ongoing supply-chain issues.
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